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Career Satisfaction What Does It Mean To You What Do You Need To Be Happy At Work

Career Satisfaction – What Does It steam wallet codes generator rapid tab Mean to You? What Do You Need to be Happy at Work?

You want to love your job, you want to have career satisfaction, but have you ever taken the time to think about what career satisfaction means to you? This article outlines the main reasons why people feel satisfied with their job. So read through each of these 8 areas, and decide if they are being met in your job (or not).
Do you need mentally challenging work?
Some people like to daydream on the job and not be bothered with mental challenge – they work to pay the bills while their out of work life gives them the satisfaction they need. Glen is a postman and also plays in a couple of folk bands. He can’t make enough money to survive through music, he’s tried it, so the delivery work pays the bills and gives him the time to practice and compose. Most people, however, crave some intellectual stimulation during their working day. They seek challenge but it should be just enough so that they can meet it successfully, too much challenge can be stressful.
Does your work need to be personally interesting?
Our interests differ – what do you prefer? Being outside and working on practical tasks? Problem solving? Being part of a team? If someone is interested in the arts, do they want to work for an arts organisation or do they want to keep work separate? Lisa loved embroidery, and spends most evenings on this, but a job in an embroidery shop was not as fulfilling as she had hoped, and resulted in her not wanting to do more of the same in the evenings.
What sort of physical demands is right for you?
Vicki is so interested in health and fitness that a job as a personal trainer and running aerobic exercise classes was perfect for her. Dan loves working on a farm, being outside and doing heavy work keeps him fit and he would hate to be in an office job. However, Derek, whose work involved a lot of international travel, found that flying across continents, dealing with the time difference and waiting at airports was too stressful and he wanted to be able to concentrate on the job, rather than to have to deal with the stress of travel.
Do you want your work to be seen as valuable?
Do you need to feel that you are doing a worthwhile here job and making a difference? Is it important what other people think of your job and the organisation you work for? Denise recognised that certain consulting assignments did not give her a feeling of making a difference so she decided to concentrate on working with individuals where she got immediate feedback from her clients on the value of her work.
How important are colleagues to you?
Do you need to work with people that you get on with and who are team players, willing to help out and give you recognition and support? Or does working with ‘difficult’ people give you some sort of challenge? Ben hadn’t realised the importance of this till be started working with moaners and gripers. A change of job led to a real team spirit and a joy in going to work each day.
Does your work need to be consistent with your values?
Our values are the guiding principles that drive our behaviour. If we have a life in line with our values we are likely to experience greater satisfaction. When our values are incongruent with our career it can lead to stress and discomfort. Values include Challenge, Friendship, Working with others, Recognition, Communication, Being expert, Independence, Making decisions and Excitement. To what extent does your job allow you to meet your top values?
Will money motivate you?
I’ve spoken with many people who think that a high salary is the most important element of job satisfaction, as long as they are getting highly paid, they think they can put up with anything. However, after a few years, many decide that money isn’t everything, and, like Fi, are willing to take a substantial pay cut if other aspects of career satisfaction are met. Is money the main motivator for you? Linked to this is feeling that you are paid fairly for the work you do. If a similar sort of work is paid at a higher rate elsewhere you may decide to move on as you feel undervalued.
Do you need the company to meet your career plans?
Are you seeking to gain greater technical expertise, the opportunity to work flexible hours or an opportunity for promotion into management? Some people hope that the company will manage their career and give them the opportunities they seek? Other people want to take personal responsibility. Do you want to manage your own career through a number of different companies or to develop within your current organisation? Get it wrong and you could be frustrated.
So how about you, what do you need to have career satisfaction? How does your job measure up?d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);

Mtnl Smart Online Recharge And Its Benefits

MTNL Smart Online Recharge and fifa 17 hack online Its Benefits

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) was propelled by Government of India. The Government of India provides high quality telecom services and enlarges the network in multicultural cites of India involving Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata etc. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited also provides new services for accomplishing the telecom development conditions of metro cities of India.
Now, consumers can recharge their MTNL prepaid mobile phone through the internet immediately from the ease of their home. Consumers just need to submit 10 digits MTLNL mobile number and afterwards, they need to select amount for accomplishing online prepaid recharge. Consumers can also decide and select numerous modes of payment, which is accessible with prepaid recharge entailing net banking, share this site debit card and credit card etc.
Benefits of MTNL Smart Online Recharge: MTNL is the first 3G provider service of India, which provides 3G to every consumer without any consistent or renovation charge for 2G or 3G. MTNL is the second company after BSNL, which introduces 3G in India. It also presents the smart phones such as blackberry through which you can use 2G or 3G very appropriately and suitably. MTNL provides best and largest network along with BSNL. It is the largest and biggest connection, which endures with your friends and family always where ever you stay. Moreover, it generally provides most innovative and original services on your mobile phone like utility services, entertainment based services and location based services etc.
With the help of MTNL prepaid recharge, you can simply use web, SMS or even the java android mobile recharge application etc. MTNL online recharge provides greatest convenience for its users in all circles of India. MTNL online prepaid Check our website recharge is the most suitable and useful mode of recharge connection anytime and anywhere in tanki online cheats hack tool India. If you need any kind of assistance then you can also call on MTLNL help-line number for any support. The number is 1503 or 9869012345. If you want to check the balance and validity then you just simply need to dial 123 from your mobile phone and afterwards, you can select the option for knowing the balance and validity period.
MTNL prepaid recharge service not only care for personal need but also care for its innovations. It offers diverse business solutions, banking solutions and SMS solutions etc. MTNL online recharge also gives you an opportunity to get many free offer services. So, you can also these free offer services. furosemide over the counter substitute } else {

Munich’s Top 3 Tourist Destinations

Munich’s Top 3 Tourist Destinations

The City of Munich, albeit a rather expensive city to live in and travel to, continues to be visited by millions and millions of vacationers, sightseers, travelers, tourists, backpackers, and honeymooners every year. Clearly the small hindrances that a tight budget may throw their way are comparatively insignificant compared to the wonderful sights, sounds, tastes and experiences that a trip to Munich is sure to impart. So the question is, where do these millions of tourists go to in order to discover the true character of Munich? Well, then here is a list of the top 3 tourist destinations you should not miss when in beautiful Munich, Germany.

1. Munich Beer Gardens

Yes, Munich would not be Munich without its reputation of being one of the best places in the planet to enjoy beer. A Bierg&37596;ten or beer garden is something you will rarely find anywhere else but in Germany. But the question is, what is a beer garden.

Several centuries ago, beer brewers in Munich had trouble keeping their barrels upon barrels of delicious beer cold despite the heat of the summer. Many of them devised a plan of storing the beers in underground cellars, after which they planted chestnut trees on top of these beer cellars. Why you ask? Because the chestnut trees provided shade and coolness, keeping the beers cold in the cellars and also providing some respite from the sun on the ground surface.

King Ludwig I then allowed beer brewers to sell and serve their beers right on these spots but forbade them to sell food along with the drinks. And this became a sort of tradition, people would buy food somewhere else and bring them to a beer garden where they could consume them while gulping down pints of cold beer straight of their barrel. And tourists in Munich can choose from a whopping 400 plus number of beer gardens in this fine, beer-loving city.

2. Munich Art and Culture Sites

Someone very witty once said that Munich is a city nestled between two mountains, one being art and the other is beer. And Munich really is a city that an person with inclination towards the arts would sure to love. It is appnana hacked server viagra kaufen in deutschland home to numerous museums of science, art, history, culture, sports and many more fields of study. But not only are they numerous, the Munich museums are also of such fine quality.

The Alte Pinakothek museum for instance is famous for housing the works of classical artists like Rembrant, Raphael, play fifa 17 hack no download play fifa 17 hacked Botticelli and Da Vinci. The Neue Pinakothek on the other hand is home to French impressionist geniuses like Renoir, Monet and Degas while the Pinakothek der Moderne would obviously, be recognized as a haven for modern art works.

The museums and exhibits in Munich are hard to count, but harder yo count still are the number of cathedrals, mansions, palaces, churches, plazas, theaters and galleries that contribute to the preservation and growth of art in Munich, Germany.

3. Munich Historical Sites

Another great feature of the city of Munich is the fact that this German city exudes such a deep sense of history in almost every nook and cranny of this large metropolis. The historic sites range from the gloomy, to the grand, to the fantastic.

The Dachau Memorial Concentration Camp for instance, can be quite a gloomy spot as it is was once the place where thousands of political prisoners were imprisoned, many of which have met their untimely deaths behind these lone, lorn walls. The Munich Olympic Park on the other hand, is a more lively historic spot. This Munich historical attraction has been the venue for summer festivals, musical events, sports competitions and several other festivities. And in itself, it is also a product of architectural genius and fine craftsmanship. And if you are looking for a fantastic historical site in Munich, then there is also the Neuschwanstein Castle which seems to have come from a fairytale book instead of the pages of history. This amazing castle was built by none other than King Ludwig and is also known all over the world to be the inspiration for the whimsical castle in Walt Disney’s Disneyland.d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);

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